To become a global leader in the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife and related biodiversity worldwide.

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From climate change to species recovery, the Global Wildlife Conservation Center covers a wide range of issues affecting our planet.

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A female wolf emerges from her crate on Isle Royale National Park. Photo credit NPS / Jacob W. Frank

Photo © Jacob W. Frank/NPS

Isle Royale Wolf Networks

A web application allowing users to visualize how wolves, recently introduced to Isle Royale National Park, are interacting using social network graphs; wolves that were often located close together based on telemetry are clustered on the graph. The application also allows users to model and plot the home ranges of multiple wolves to see how these home ranges overlap in space across the island.

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We are losing species 100 times faster than any other time in our history. The unprecedented loss cannot continue.

At GWCC, we address urgent conservation challenges and train the next generation of wildlife conservation scientists to ensure that Earth’s wildlife and flora persist long into the future.

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