Our team develops technology to tackle current conservation challenges and research questions.

CauseSpec Map


A database of global terrestrial vertebrate cause‐specific mortality. This database consists of 1,134 studies that collectively monitored the fates of 123,747 individual animals. From this, there are 43,998 deaths of known cause among 307 species.

Hill et al. (2019) CauseSpec: a database of global terrestrial vertebrate cause‐specific mortality. Ecology 00(00):e02865.

Cluster Locations

Cluster identification from GPS data

An algorithm to identify potential predation sites (“clusters”) by using GPS locations from GPS collared carnivores and user-defined time and distance parameters.

Petroelje et al. (2019) Subsidies from anthropogenic resources alter diet, activity, and ranging behavior of an apex predator (Canis lupus). Scientific Reports 9(1):1-9


Deer Density

A web application allowing users to estimate white-tailed deer relative abundance, density, and other demographics with confidence estimates using remote camera survey data. Using summarized presence/absence data users can also explore the influence of survey date on daily occupancy.

Camera trap photo of a bear


A web application to simulate brown bear and black bear populations in silico. Dynamic Environment for Modeling and Estimating Trajectories in R (DemetR).

Bled and Belant (2019) demetR: a Bayesian population simulation web-application for harvest management. Ursus 29(2):82-92.


Isle Royale Wolf Networks

A web application allowing users to visualize how wolves, recently introduced to Isle Royale National Park, are interacting using social network graphs; wolves that were often located close together based on telemetry are clustered on the graph. The application also allows users to model and plot the home ranges of multiple wolves to see how these home ranges overlap in space across the island.

Wolf-livestock Depredation Risk Map

Wolf-Livestock Depredation Risk Map

An interactive livestock depredation probability map for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Fowler et al. (2019) Non-linear relationships between human activities and wolf-livestock depredations. Biological Conservation 236:385-392